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Catastrophes can happen anywhere, anytime, and without warning, leaving devastation and destruction in their wake.

United Storm Adjusters/USA Group Claims is prepared to have a storm team in place anywhere there is a need within 24 to 48 hours of your call. We will work with you to ascertain your specific needs and then provide the most qualified adjusters for each loss.

Once on site, our team of adjusters will remain on site until the last loss is resolved. We will also provide a clean-up team to coordinate any reports that may occur and will remain in place until released by your office.

USA’s Catastrophe operations are generally organized as follows depending upon whether or not a field storm office is required. In most instances, USA’s Claims Central Office will serve as “Central Operations”, with field supervisors assigned to specific adjusters who then coordinate with the Claims Central Office. This allows for a central contact location for submitting, assignment and tracking of claims.

USA Catastrophe operations requiring a Field Storm Office are generally organized as follows:

  • On-site office if required with clerical staff and computer operations
  • Adjusters arrive and are in-place within 24-48 hours
  • USA CAT supervisor is assigned and meets with company representative to obtain specific instruction on company policy, procedures and requirements and then meets with USA’s adjusters to review those procedures.
  • Procedures are established for the flow of information to our office and closed files to the company. Computerized reports are generated after the third day on site and submitted to the Company for review of loss assignments.
  • As losses are received, they are assigned to a USA adjuster on a same-day basis. Claim numbers used on our reports are the Company’s claim number and not a manufactured number which reduces claim tracking confusion.
  • File closing coordination will be maintained between USA’s Claims Central Office, our supervisors and the Company’s Representatives.
  • All closed files will be reviewed by the USA Supervisor and/or a USA Manager in our Claims Central office.
  • Once reviewed, all closed files will be delivered to the Insurer’s office for final determination of coverage and payment to the insured.
  • Claim Status Reports are generated throughout the CAT event and provided to the Company on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis or as required by the Company.
  • Clients are also provided with access to their assignments through USA’s web-based claims processing program which allows tracking of the claim by their in-house claims representative from initial assignment through completion.

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